Welcome to Smashers Demolition

Specializing in Building Demolition, Asbestos & Mould Remediation Smashers Demolition Inc. has become an industry leader in Manitoba working on the largest demolition and remediation projects. What differentiates Smashers from the competition is its commitment to Safety. Becoming COR certified in 2015 was just the beginning for Smashers. Smashers empowers the leadership group to work with the ground forces to document discuss and overcome the biggest safety issues on every job before the job starts. We believe an ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.

Project Management

Smashers Demolition sets the bar above the competition. To our knowledge, we are the only Demolition and Abatement Contractor in Manitoba that breaks up every task of a project and places it in a Gant Chart. The benefits of this is it’s so much easier to see if a schedule is going sideways sooner where corrective actions can be taken to bring schedules back into line. The bigger the project the more important this is.

The largest demolition and remediation projects.